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Lofaris Backdrop: Your Guide to Throw the Ultimate Baby Shower

by Shea Liu 25 Nov 2023

When you are planning to host a baby shower party, there are several things you should consider to make the event successful. Firstly, you need to choose the right venue for the party in the winter season. Additionally, you can decorate the party area with baby-themed items, such as backdrops, balloons and streamers that all guests can enjoy and take photos. Lofaris will help you throw an unforgettable baby shower party that will be loved by everyone attending.

1. Christmas Themed Baby Shower
Hosting a Christmas baby shower is a great way to celebrate a little one making their appearance in the world during the winter months. If you love the magic of the holidays or are hosting a shower for someone who does, and want to celebrate welcoming a newborn like the first snowfall, Lofaris Christmas theme backdrops will be the good choiece. Bring the magic of the holidays to life with these Christmas baby shower ideas.
Lofaris Christmas theme baby shower party backdrop
2. Winter Wonderland Baby Shower
Transform your space into the North Pole by making it a winter wonderland! Think tons of blue and white, some fake snow, and plenty of snowflake decor. A balloon arch with white and light blue with a few snowflake balloons will make for a perfect photo op. Easily incorporate pinks or other colors if you prefer including more traditionally gender-related colors. Winter baby shower backdrops can include other personal touches you love about the winter months like ice skating, sledding, or bear and penguin in the decor.
lofaris winter wonderland theme baby shower backdrop
3. Gingerbread House Baby Shower
The best baby showers have memorable activities that guests can look back on. What better way to celebrate the coming of a sweet little baby than by decorating gingerbread houses, perhaps with a “What’s Baking” theme? Use the gingerbread house backdrop for decorating and everyone can take photos with mom-to-be. Lean into with decor to get everyone in the fun and festive spirit.
lofaris gingerbread theme baby shower backdrop
It's safe to say if anything can top the most wonderful time of the year, it's when you bring a new baby home. When you think about it, the magic of the holiday season offers all the same kind of excitement, joy, and anticipation of welcoming a baby. And with all of the festive decorations, music, and families already gathered together, it's no wonder people are choosing to throw a holiday or winter baby shower more than ever! Check it out on Lofaris and get any theme backdrops you want.

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